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What is Hotel Gallivant?

Gallivant Hotel has been envisioned as a review site for all the hotel people out there. By hotel people, we’re of course referring to all the travelers out there, who are gallivanting around, from one hotel to another. We’re a group of travelers ourselves, only on our travels we are collecting experiences, impressions and the general look and feel of the hotels that we visit. Gallivant Hotel started out as a little hobby of me and my friend Harry. Both of us worked as sales people for a local group of wineries, but that’s beside the point. Our little project grew from a small eZine kind of thing, to a more established publishing business that revolves around making hotel reviews. To think, our first post was just just your regular “blog” post from two fellow travelers, and our last review included a video recoding of a hotel flyover with one those fancy $100 drones that are all the rage nowadays. I’m really impressed with how far we’ve come as a team. Now let’s take a look at what exactly it is that our website is talking about exactly.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
Ibn Battuta

Recent hotel footage

Example of a video footage of a hotel that we captured in Vietnam a couple of years back can be seen down below. We really enjoyed staying at that hotel, and I wholeheartedly recommend it should your travels ever take you as far as Vietnam.


Places you must see – Blue Cave in Split, Croatia

Something that we’ve decided to start as of this summer is a series of articles where we’re going to feature places that you absolutely have to see. These are places that our gallivants have visited and were left breathless with. Enough so that they need to be mentioned here on the web page. First of these places that we’re going to feature is called the Blue cave tour from Split – a popular tour from Split organized by Zen travel Croatia. This is a cave that you can take a boat trip into and is illuminated by the sunlight coming in through the crystal clear waters underneath the cave ceiling. Just a slight warning, the cave isn’t for the claustrophobic. There’s a nice review of the entire trip that can be found on BBQboy.

If you happen to find yourself in Croatia this summer, make sure to go and visit this natural phenomena. Video above really doesn’t do it justice. It’s a place that you just need to visit and experience first hand in order to fully appreciate. Don’t forget that there are plenty of other cool things that you can do in Split, should you decide to use Split as your homebase for your travels while visiting the caves (Blue & Green), lagoons or some of the nearby islands. Don’t forget there’s a pretty fast and efficient speedboat option from Split to Hvar It’s what people usually choose. Another cool location that’s further south is Dubrovnik, just a suggestion. Don’t forget that Dubrovnik is one of the places where Game of Thrones was filmed, so it has that going for it. Anyway, stay tuned for more cool places like this in future update. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates.

Meet the team

Team behind the Gallivant Hotel consists of 4 young travelers from the United States. We all met during college and sort of stuck together ever since. You can read a more detailed bios of ours over at the About us page. Suffice it to say that we are a diverse group of people who have interests ranging from visiting museums and enjoying fine art to things like tinkering with gadgets and riding electric skateboards down at the park. Here’s a few word from each of the Hotel Gallivant members.

Mable Myers

Hi there, I’m Mabel and I’m the head honcho of this website. I’m in charge of the background stuff, administration, paying the bills, the kind of stuff that keep the website running smoothly. At the same time I’m also an author that reviews coffee shops and B&Bs. In my spare time I like to stay at home, and watch TV.

Harry Beam

Hello, my name is Harry Beam, but everyone calls me H.B. I’m the head hotel reviewer for the Gallivant hotel. Like most of the other authors on the website here, writing for Gallivant is a side gig for me. I’m a salesman by day, which involves a lot of travel, and at the same time gives me opportunity to write reviews. In my spare time I like to make stuf from wood.

Jacob Boggs

Hi everyone, I’m Jacob and I’m from Sheffield, UK. Currently I’m however on the state side, in New York to be more precise. I work in an electronics store, and a s a side gig I’m writing for Gallivant Hotel. I’m covering mostly pubs, but I’ve also been known to submit a text on restaurants and coffee shops. In my spare time I like to play around with electronics.

Charles Sanchez

Hiya there, I’m Charlie and I’m one of the writers here at Gallivant Hotel. I’m the newest member of the Gallivant team. I met with Mabel and Harry at college where all three of us studied fine arts. After years of unemployment I’m now starting as a salesman, and I’ll also be covering interesting hotels, restaurants and other venous for you, our audience. I’m my spare time I like to visit museums, art galleries, etc.

Do we only review hotels?

Even though hotels are a huge focus of ours, we do like variety which is why every chance we can we take a look and talk about anything and everything from small and cozy bed & breakfasts to large resorts that have a plethora of services included.


Like I already mentioned hotels are a huge focus of ours, and they will take up the bulk of our writing here on the website. Most of the Hotel Gallivant team travels for one reason or another (work, pleasure, or both). We are experienced at getting the best possible return on the investment when picking and choosing hotels.


Going out to eat at restaurants is a great way to get out of the house. Hotel Gallivant team has covered the entire continental United States, several times over at point, and we wined & dined at God knows how many restaurants. Only a small fraction of them are worth talking about here at Hotel Gallivant, and that is exactly what we do.

Coffee shops

On the other hand, if you're neither the wine & dine type of person, nor are you the type to go to a pub, you might want to know where good coffee shops are. Given how much we as nation love to drink coffee, competition for the title of the best coffee shop is fierce. Still, we managed to find a couple of places that stand out and are worth visiting more than others.


Sometimes you just need to get away from the city and spend some time out in the country, on fresh air, and away from the car horns and concrete. While doing that it would be a good idea to know quality B&Bs that will offer you great service at reasonable prices. We tried to pick only the best motels and B&Bs out there for you to enjoy.


If you're not the tye to wine and dine, but rather go out for a pint of cold lager, you're in luck. Steve, our resident Englishman, is frequently taking a look at what the US pub scene has to offer. From what we gather, until now, only a few New York pubs have been satisfactory enough for Steve to give them a pass. Stay tuned to find out which ones he gave the gold start to.


We don't do a lot of resorts, but from time to time you might come across a review where we talk about a particular resort. It's not that we don't like them, it's just that we don't visit/come across a lot of them on our travels. Plus resorts can be pricier and we are trying to be frugal on our journeys, so the two concepts clash quite a bit.

Recently published

Travel blogs we love

If we failed to mentioned this so far, we love to travel, and as such we are always looking for great places to visit. In our efforts to find places worth visiting, we rely on who else than on our fellow travelers. Entire world of travel bloggers is a tight-knit community and we’re always ready to help each other. In that spirit, here are 4 websites and a Facebook group that we recommend you follow to find tips on great locations to travel to and visit.

Meraviglia Paper is a travel magazine run by a team based in Milan, Italy. They have been our top choice for finding breathtaking places to visit around the world. We're not talking about hot spots either, they can be easily found by anyone. It's mostly hidden gems, small hideaways, B&Bs that are very cozy and more than worth leaving your money there.

Lost With Purpose is a great place for those who are explorers at heart. It's a personal website of a young couple that have decided to ditch their hectic urban lives, put backpacks on their shoulders, and are now traveling the world together. They report their adventures more often than not, in the form of blog posts. If you plan on traveling to Asia or Middle East, make sure to visit LostWithPurpose.

Those who love to travel in order to enjoy in local cuisine and fine wines should take a look at what "This Is The Place That I Was Telling You About" team has to offer. Behind this very long name hides a team of travelers which are focusing on reporting on places worth visiting because of their good food and selection of fine wines. They also do hotels and hideaways like us, but with a bigger focus on food.

Last website on our list is Roads & Kingdoms. It's a general purpose travel blog that reports on travels from all over the world. Over a dozen authors contribute to travel guides that get posted there. When they cover a place, they do it all the way, politics, culture, food, drinks, you name it. You'll get all the low down of a place, so you know what to expect when you visit it.

Come and visit us Again

I think that you probably had enough of us bantering about our website and that it’s about time for us to actually start doing some work. If you want to get in touch with us, we’ve setup a contact page where you can do just that. Hope you’ll come around again to find great hotels and places to visit. See you soon.